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Help and support with training

Drupal apprentices come fresh from two weeks of intensive boot camp training designed and delivered by seasoned Drupal professionals. Happy computers also provide two days of training per month for all apprentices to supplement learning in the workplace and develop their skillset.

Real Business benefits

Hiring a Drupal Apprentice is a great way to strengthen the productivity and profitability of your team by gaining a young, keen and inexpensive addition to your workforce. In most cases our apprentices are doing billable work within a few weeks.

As an employer you won’t need to pay for any additional training and an apprenticeship is a very cost effective way of building your resources - our current companies pay an average of £175 for a 35 hour week.

Ongoing support

Extra support is on hand throughout the placement from trainers, mentors and managers and colleagues of existing and past apprentices.

Positive effect

It's not just good for business. Hiring a Drupal Apprentice is a great way to have a positive effect on the Drupal community, and your local community as well.


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Drupal specific qualification

All apprentices are working towards a new, nationally recognised, Drupal specific qualification developed by Drupal experts.

The Drupal Web Developer Apprenticeship is accredited and funded by The Tech Partnership as a level 4 Tech Industry Gold Apprenticeship.

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Meet the team

Sheena is the programme manager at Happy computers who makes all this possible. Hedley, Peter and Crispin are the Drupal experts who defined and designed the qualification and curriculum and also plan and deliver the additional training.

All three of our permenant Drupal experts also have first hand experience of training an apprentice in the workplace and are always available with others to answer questions and provide support via our LinkedIn group.The pre-apprenticeship training is also supported by many other experienced volunteers from the Drupal community.

Brian John Alford

"The [pre-apprenticeship] course obviously gives the candidates the training needed to have a detailed understanding of Drupal and the continual training provided lets the apprentices upscale in areas of Drupal they need help with."

George Young

"We gave Jack a flexible framework to help him organise his time, and our normal workload affords many opportunities for training. Over time Jack has continued to develop his skills, and he is growing into a fully effective member of our project team."